I am still healing ~

As time went by, I’ve grown and grown so much over the years ~ emotionally, mentally and spiritually. I’ve evolved and transformed ~ for the good I must say.

I’m glad and proud of this growth.

Here’s a short clip of me sharing some of my thoughts on healing and abusive relationships.

I’ve experienced both physical and emotional abuse. I don’t really like to share it with people because at the back of my mind, I know nobody really cares what I went through or am going through.

However, I still decided to share this in hopes of reminding other people that there’s a way out of it. That that is not it. There’s more to life than staying and remaining to be a victim of a toxic relationship.

I still have more things to share and will do that in my next videos.

peace, love & light 🧡✨

People glow differently when they are loved mindfully

Be mindful in love ~

The most precious gift we can offer anyone is our attention. When mindfulness embraces those we love, they will bloom like flowers.

I read this quote somewhere before on Instagram and it stuck with me. I got goosebumps while writing this right now, and I can feel my chest tighten up a little. This is my body and mind’s way of saying how much I crave this type of love.

People glow differently when they are loved and valued. When we pay attention to and take care of the things/ people that we love, they grow and they last.

I’ve met people who have been together for years and years, and I can still see the same love in their eyes. It’s so beautiful and I am so so happy for they have found that.

It gives me hope and I wish that someday I too would have the same type of love.

I want to be loved like how I love, unconditionally and consistently. Love doesn’t have to be difficult. Haaay…

I may not know how it feels yet to be in a healthy relationship, but I’m excited for this new chapter in my life. 🖤

You’ll probably be hearing more about that in the next few months…

A letter to my 27-year-old self

Dear miss a little-lost and a little-heartbroken 27-yr-old self,

Happy earthday, dzai. This past year was really something. A lot of shit went down and yet you’re still here. Trying and healing, every single day.

You lost yourself once again, just a year ago.. You were trying to be something you’re not, just so this certain person would love and respect you. However, I’m proud of you for waking up again from yet another dream.

I know you did the right thing — not pursuing all that. Because I am certain you will be unhappy in the long run. When you get into a relationship, you get in there to feel more alive and be grateful to be alive. Not get into that, to be belittled or put down for your choice of clothing or for how you express yourself through arts and music.

A lot of people will not get you, they will not understand your choices in life or your ideas. Just, whatever happens, never ever try to be something you’re not. I know there will be someone, someday who will love you as a whole – how you are, with your flaws and all. Until then, be alone.

Keep growing. Keep glowing.

Keep doing the things you love and what you’re passionate about. Keep on listening to the music that makes your soul smile. Keep on creating something beautiful out of nothing. And keep writing so you may get better as you practice and learn.

Continue growing with Travis and learning each day about how to be a better parent. I know it’s tough sometimes but just remember that he is so worth it. Worth all the sacrifices and all the pain. He gives you all the love, so much love every day and that’s the sweetest thing.

I know you try to show him how to love and sometimes you may fail and get frustrated. That’s okay, you aren’t perfect.. As long as you keep trying, it’s all gonna be okay. Keep on teaching him how to find joy in little things and how to be nice to everyone he meets. 🙂

I know you’re always grateful about the little things. And it doesn’t take so much to make you smile and happy. Stay that way.

Keep dreaming. Stay grateful and be kind.


28-yr-old Giselle

How I got my first job at BITE Magazine

Vice Intern in Trouble, BITE Magazine

Recently an old friend of mine, Dunhill Talpis shared his collection of issues of BITE Magazine on his Facebook feed and it made me reminisce about the good old days.

You see, before there was Facebook events or Instagram posts wherein you can just tag or invite people virtually to go to an event in Cebu. There was BITE Magazine and inside the pages of this clever magazine were the monthly calendar of events — which I’m proud to say that I collected and arranged myself… 😛

Here were some of my favorite BITE covers 🙂

Locals who appreciate the music and the arts would wait for this handy magazine to be released every month, so they would know where the good events were. Plus it could easily fit in one’s pocket/ handbag.

I’m pretty sure we all have different stories about this one and I’d like to share mine. Because frankly, until today those memories still make me smile when I think of those days. Plus, I was just 16! Oh weeee 🙂

Well, officially I was just an Intern when they took me in, to help the BITE team out. But to me, it felt like it was my first real job – where I felt like I was one of the adults. Haha! Silly little old me. This was in late 2007 – 2008.

Sweet 16 😛

So, how did I get the job? Well, the owner, David Harris and Mona Polo – were friends with my dad and the other owners of The Outpost Cebu, and that’s how I met them.

I was 15, turning 16 and recently dropped out of Informatics (a computer institute). We’ll save that topic for later, lol. Anyway, I was looking for something to do while I wait for the next school year, to start on a different school.

David and Mona were looking for someone to help them out and I asked if I could take the job and luckily they said yes! Nyahaha! Funny, coz I think I remember my interview was during this Earth Hour event at The Outpost and I was having dinner. Very traditional interview no? 😛 Hah!

Anyway, yeah. That was how I got my first job. It started a lot of things for me, definitely. 🙂

I will wait patiently

~ grow individually and together as couple ~

I will wait for someone who I can grow with, both individually and together as a couple.

I will not rush into things because there’s no point to it. If we do rush things, we’re not gonna last in the end. I don’t want someone who would see me only for my mistakes and for the little things that clearly do not define me.

I will wait for someone who’ll fall in love with my naked soul and who’d wanna help me in growing – to be more of what I’d wish to become or am yet to figure out.

I will not settle for someone who’d judge me so quickly and not be mature enough to sit down and have a discussion about issues we’re both facing.

I will wait for someone who I can share things with – all the good and bad and be happy to learn about the things that are going on inside my head. That will be someone I’d gladly want to spend the rest of my days with. It’s rare, so rare – to find that soul who’d love to learn about you (your fears, your dreams).

I will wait for someone who is in touch with his spirituality, one who’d recognize and respect me as another spiritual being that needs to be nurtured and cared for. I will wait for someone who I can relate to and if there might be times wherein we might not get along about things – I will wait for that someone who I’d be willing to compromise with.

As long as we communicate properly, respect and understand each other’s differences – and still remain to be wanting only each other or still want to keep on falling in love after the fight. Yes, it’s gonna happen someday, I know it. I can feel it in my heart and I will wait for it.

I shall wait for this beautiful soul and someday when the time is right, we’ll both be genuinely happy together.

Hope you find this unconditional, cosmic, soulful love.

Namasté my friends..

All you need is love


This post is about my take on marriage.

Marriage is the state of being united to a person of the opposite sex as husband or wife in a consensual and contractual relationship recognized by law (2): the state of being united to a person of the same sex in a relationship like that of traditional marriage.

As for me, Marriage is something sacred and it’s something I truly value. I think of marriage as a deep commitment – no turning back; and having that undying passion for someone. (Except for adultery – that’s a totally different story)

Uhm so yeah, that would be my reason for wanting to marry somebody. I will marry someone I would want to wake up to every morning with a good morning kiss and kiss him goodnight before going to bed, every night. I will marry someone who I’d like to spend my everything with – the beautiful and ugly moments, all of that. I’d gladly go through it with him. I will support him in his dreams and he’ll support me with mine.

I will marry someone who’d be the first person I’d think of calling — whenever I’m excited to share anything good that happens to me. And I will marry someone who’d promise and do his best to make me his only woman for forever. So cheesy and dreamy. And hopeful of me no?

Yes, yes I am 23. Most would say I’m too young to be thinking of settling or wanting to settle with just one person for the rest of my life. But I guess that’s the beauty of being me, the ever so hopeless and romantic Giselle Marie. Knowing that I can stay committed and in love with just one person. And the love I have for my love grows over time, it gets stronger. I know I’m capable of this and I think it would be so wonderful to be married to someone who values marriage as I do.

It’ll also be sweeter if we shared the same interests, like my music because it’s a big part of my life. One who’ll slow dance with me when we feel like slow dancing, one who’ll stay up with me all night and talk for hours about life, love, history, music, nature and whatever else – without the fear of being judged because we know too little or too much about things.

Some say it’s foolish for wanting to be married and tied down. I do understand and get that, some end up in fucked up marriages and it ain’t healthy. A friend of mine told me that marriage is just a piece of paper and it won’t make any man more committed than he already is, without that contract. I think he’s just trying to justify himself for being unhappy in his marriage and I respect that. That is coming from his perspective and well, this one’s mine.

I see marriage as a beautiful thing. It’s getting to be with just one person, one beautiful soul – for infinity and I know, I know I’m still young to want that. But I just think it would be so wonderful when the time does come for me to get married. It’ll be nice to do all the things you wanna do and experience in life, with someone you love so much and in return, he loves you too deeply.

That’s such an amazing feeling like anything is possible; like there’s a guarantee that tomorrow will be great and you look forward to more days with your love. Crash out your bucket list one at a time with your love, take photos, kiss endlessly day and night, make love like it’s the first time every time, have coffee and or tea together by the sea and lay in his arms while you both watch as the sun sets from your little beach house.

Wake up every morning with a beautiful smile and tell yourself “Ah! It’s yet another beautiful day with my sunshine!” 💛

But yeah, these are just some of the things I will share with my future faceless husband. Oh, I will shower him every day with all the love and kisses in the world. I’ll be the most affectionate and annoying human being. I’ll kiss him when he’s tired, when he’s mad at me or even when I’m mad at him. And that kiss would somehow make everything okay again.

Love, love is truly amazing and powerful. It’s more beautiful when shared by two people who love and honor each other, and would want to do it every day for the rest of their breathing life. Dreamy, so dreamy. Somedaze…

~ Make love every day, kiss day and night, smoke out, get happy drunk, listen to sweet music, lay by the beach, kiss under the stars, kiss under the rain, kiss when you’re both in your 90’s and happy to still be together. ~